The Ducks play at Dulwich college in Shunyi but can be found in various bars in Beijing but usually Paddy O'Shea's on a Thursday night.


To join the Ducks WeChat group or to become a paid up member please fill in the form below. Ideally where you heard about us and why you want to join the Ducks. Then we will get back to you and add you to the group.

Alternatively just ask a current Duck to add you to the group if you can find one who is sober. Paid up Members get a lot of benefits. You can also scan the QR code to speak to our current captain directly!

Membership Fees explained

Season Membership 1500RMB

Includes all game fees, Ducks shirt and cap, Paddy O'Shea's discount card, game day beers at the ground and on the bus, game day bus.

Social Member fees ( non players) 300RMB

Includes a hat and paddy's discount card bus to and from the games

beers on the bus and at Paddy's

Non Member fees

200RMB a game (includes game fee and bus to ground with game beers)


Current Ducks Captain Ste Doherty AKA TeeCee can be added here using his WeChat QR Code:

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